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With the continuous improvement of the intelligence and information level of monitoring technology in the transportation industry, it provides leading display and control solutions for intelligent transportation, including large-screen display units and image control systems, as well as visualization solutions in the era of big data.

The large-screen solution for the rail transit industry meets the centralized access display of multiple application systems such as railway operation dispatching system, CTC/TDCS, PSCADA, etc.Meet the seamless connection of the subway control signal system, ISCS, FAS, BAS, PSCADA and other system access display Into various business system networks, computers, workstations, CCTV integrated video surveillance system full-screen ultra-high-resolution large-screen display, various signals can be zoomed, moved, roamed, full-screen, and multiple businesses can be displayed in any partitions, providing centralized management and professional management support Dispatching hall, emergency command center, multi-screen signal interconnection display, full digital, full high-definition, networked, distributed system architecture system multiple redundant design, safe isolation from the user system, multiple signal centralized access and visual integrated display

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