Heavy industry

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Heavy industry

Heavy industry is a pillar industry that affects the national economy and people's livelihood, involving many fields such as electric power, water conservancy, petroleum, chemical industry, and coal, and is the foundation for the survival and development of the country and the region. Delta provides command, management, and monitoring application solutions for this industry.

Large-screen solutions for the petroleum and petrochemical industry meet the needs of professional application systems such as petroleum and petrochemical production dynamics, storage and transportation, sales, pipeline network dynamics, etc. Centralized access display to meet petroleum and petrochemical resource consumption, production capacity, output value, production guarantee and other equipment management monitoring system access display none Seam access to various business system networks, computers/workstations, CCTV HD video surveillance, full-screen ultra-high-resolution large-screen display, free zoom, move, and roaming of various signals, full-screen display of multiple services and arbitrary partitions, providing centralized management and professional management Support dispatching command center, emergency command center multi-screen signal interoperability linkage display production dynamics, storage and transportation, sales, pipeline network dynamic data visualization (optional) Resource consumption, production capacity, output value, production support data visualization (optional) Management reports, environment Management, land management, business process visualization (optional)
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