What is the difference between single fan and dual fan of computer graphics card?

Publisher:Administrators     Date:2021-09-08

The dual fan of the graphics card has one more fan than the single fan, which is larger in size and better in heat dissipation.
1. The graphics card fan is mainly used to dissipate heat from the graphics chip and other components. If the heat is small, just use a fan to dissipate heat, such as Jingying GTX650, which is 28NM. The heat is small and the temperature is low. One fan is enough.

2. When the chip generates a lot of heat and one fan cannot dissipate heat well, you can use two fans. For example, GTX550TI is 40NM, and the heat is larger than GTX650, so dual fans are generally used.

3. Many high-end graphics cards use dual fans, but there are also three fans. This depends on the actual situation to determine the use of several fans, the graphics card factory has multiple tests and demonstrations.

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