Can I change the fan on the graphics card?

Publisher:Administrators     Date:2021-09-08

The fan of the discrete graphics card can be replaced.

The reasons why the graphics card fan does not turn are:

1. Excessive dust accumulation. If the computer graphics card fan has not been cleaned for a long time, it is likely that the fan will not turn. At this time, the main method is to remove the fan and use a brush to clean the dust on it. After the cleaning is completed , You need two batteries to insert the positive and negative poles into its power jack, and see if the fan does not turn. If it turns, it is the cause of dust accumulation. At this time, it can be installed and used.

2. The problem of the fan itself may be caused by the shaft inside the fan. At this time, you can tear off the label in the middle of the fan, and then drop a few drops of lubricating oil to the place where the inner bearing is located. You can continue to use it.

3. It may be that the internal rotating motor of the fan is broken. It is recommended to replace the fan directly.

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