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In the dazzling commodity market, packaging and the product itself are a whole for consumers. Packaging quality reflects product quality and directly becomes a key factor in whether consumers buy or not. Therefore, in addition to focusing on the aesthetics of packaging, manufacturers have also begun to strictly require all aspects of the packaging production process.
      For packaging manufacturers, the increase in labor costs is an issue that companies need to face together. Fully automated controlled production can replace manpower, and at the same time enhance and strengthen the development of the industry, becoming the driving force and development trend of the packaging industry's continuous growth.
      Industrial automation solutions provide the speed, precise positioning, high-speed monitoring and system stability required by the packaging industry. In particular, the servo system has high-speed response performance, accurate correction capabilities and synchronous follow-up functions, which can reduce unnecessary acceleration and deceleration movements and reduce system machinery. The structure is damaged, reducing maintenance costs. With the high-speed network CANOpen function, the entire system can be connected smoothly to avoid unnecessary waste caused by calculation errors and time errors. The realization of high-speed production should improve efficiency and quality at the same time, which is the mainstream of the packaging industry in the future.
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