The cooling fan of the all-in-one machine is very noisy!

Publisher:Administrators     Date:2021-09-08

If your machine has a problem of frequent fan rotation, it is recommended that you follow the following methods to see if the problem you encounter can be solved:
1. Place the all-in-one machine in a ventilated place, and keep it stable and well ventilated;
2. Upgrade the anti-virus software of the machine to complete anti-virus:
3. Close the infrequently used startup items, the method is as follows: Press the Win R key combination to call the running window, enter msconfig, click OK, select the "Start" option card, cancel the program you do not need to boot, and then OK to close The startup of this program starts.
4. If the fan of the machine has been running at high speed after the above operations, it is recommended that you first try to save important files and reinstall the machine's operating system to see if it has improved. If there is still no improvement after reinstalling the operating system, it is recommended You try to contact the local Lenovo service station to clean up the dust.

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