Communication network power solution

Publisher:Administrators     Date:2021-09-08

Communication network power solution

As a provider of communication network power solutions, we integrate energy control, system management and cooling systems to provide advanced power management solutions according to various applications required by customers.

The cabinet solution uses different cooling equipment-natural air cooling system, heat exchange system or air-conditioning system-whether it is a single application or a composite application, to ensure that the client equipment is in a cool, dry and clean environment. The power solution uses the high-efficiency EnergE series to provide a small and beautiful power system; the newly developed 97.5% high-efficiency DC power module can effectively help customers greatly reduce operating costs and carbon footprint. In addition, the solar photoelectric communication power system has helped communication power operators to enter the field of renewable energy, which is the group's commitment and corporate responsibility to protect the earth's environment. The controller module provides an intelligent integrated solution. By integrating the management cabinet solution and the power supply solution, it provides customers with a reliable, stable and economical quality of service.

The group's communication power solutions, with standardized products and flexible design capabilities, achieve rapid response to customer requirements, and provide global and regional services.

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